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Heriawan Siaw was born on December 8, 1959 in Pendopo Liat in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Since he was a kid, painting has been his passion and he frequently won drawing competition for school children.

* In 1981, continued his study at Fine Art School of the Trisakti University, majoring in interior design.

* In 1998, following the May riots, he became more productive.

* In 2000, leaving his profession as interior designer and determining to be exist in fine art world.

* In 2002, one of Indofood Art Award finalist

Exhibition experiences

1978 : Joint exhibition with Koko Bae at Balai Budaya, Jakarta

2002 : Indofood Art Award finalists exhibition in National Museum.

2005 : Bangkit Aceh” Nasional Gallery, Jakarta

2007 : Surabaya Biennale, Surabaya

2007 : Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, Cina

2008 : Manifesto, Nasional Gallery, Jakarta


Solo Exhibition

2004 : Exspression and Movement” at Minima Maxima Gallery, Jakarta

2005 : ” Spirit of Freedom” O Hause Gallery, Jakarta

2006 : ” Alam Spiritual “ V Gallery ( Marbella ) Kemang Raya, Jakarta

2007 : ” Abstract Expression from the East” Langgeng Gallery, Magelang

2010 : Melodies in Blue Ganesha Gallery, Four Sesons, Bali

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